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Osteopathy Initail Consultation -  1 hour -  £54

If you have never been to the clinic before, please book an initial consultation first.

During your initial consultation, your Osteopath will ask you questions about the symptoms you're experiencing, the onset and any aggravating and relieving factors. They will also ask questions about your past medical history and lifestyle.

 Following this, an examination will be conducted, including postural observations, palpation of the soft tissues, active and passive range of motion testing and special orthopaedic tests if necessary. This will enable your osteopath to form a working diagnosis and devise an appropriate and unique treatment plan.

Treatment will follow from this and will include a variety of manual therapy techniques. Once the hands-on treatment has finished we will go through simple exercise and health and lifestyle advice that will complement the treatment. You will also receive an email detailing the exercises given, so you are able to carry out rehabilitation at home.

When Booking an Initial appointment, Please look out for a consent form that will be sent to the email address given, along with a confirmation email shortly after booking (don't forget to check your junk box). If you have not received this please let us know by either emailing or call or text 07907853076

Osteopathy Follow-up sessions - 45 Minutes - £45

During your follow-up treatment sessions, your Osteopath will ask you questions such as how you felt after the previous treatment, if and how the initial symptoms have changed and whether the exercises that will have been given have been helpful. Treatment will then follow from this.

Mummy MOT Assessment - 1hr 15 minutes - £95

The post-birth check you deserve!

A postpartum assessment suitable for mums 6-8 weeks + birth.

Vaginal and caesarean births.

This appointment covers an assessment of the internal and external pelvic floor structures, C-section scar management, breathing mechanisms, an abdominal screen for diastasis recti as well as a full postural screen and functional movement assessment.

Breathing exercises, Pelvic floor education and rehabilitation are the main focus points in this assessment. This is to ensure a mother is well-equipped to navigate the postpartum healing process and be able to get back to doing the activities she loves safely and effectively.

This assessment includes an internal pelvic assessment (this of course is optional and if you would like to not have one done, please do let us know), and the pre-screening assessment must be completed before your appointment.

Neck Massage
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